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Photoshoot on a Budget

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Perhaps because we've spent many hours ourselves searching online for pieces we need in our wardrobes, we decided to launch our first items online. Samples were made, remade, and edited to the final items we truly love. So it was time for a photoshoot! We would need: a model, a photographer, a stylist, a location, the clothes to be photographed, hair styling and makeup. The only thing we had was the clothes - and as a start-up, we are necessarily on a tight budget. 

How to organise a photoshoot with excellent output for a fraction of the usual cost?

1. Simplify! Our aesthetic is very classic and restrained, so fortunately simplicity suits us very well. There would be no jewellery or accessories (other than footwear plants) in the shoot. With less decisions to make and no elements to organise other than the clothes, it was actually possible to proceed without a stylist. 


2. Learn hair and makeup. Fast! As if we needed any confirmation - there is hardly anything that can not be discovered online. After a few hours (probably about 10!) of watching videos and tutorials online (Thank you, That Igbo Chick), we had all the tips we needed to create a natural look for the photoshoot. A few make up items were purchased from the market to match our model's skin tone exactly. Hair was a big break - I wear my hair in a bun every single day so I've become quite the expert, and it suited the photoshoot aesthetic perfectly.


3. Find a beautiful lady you know and ask her to model for you. Our model, Joy, actually isn't a trained model - she used to work as a caregiver at a charitable organisation The Ladymaker is involved in. She just left Lagos to start her undergraduate studies in Benue, and the shoot had to be rushed so it could take place before she left. She served as our fit model as well and was very lovely to work with.

4. Shoot at home. This is not necessarily cost-saving as we understand some photographers charge more to mobilise their equipment off-site. For us, we were able to use some beloved props as part of the shoot. Not all worked out, but we really love those that did.

Here are our favourite images...


All said and done, we learned so many lessons that will come in handy for our next photoshoot adventure, and even if our budget permits, we will keep things as simple as possible anyway.

The Ladymaker Team


  • Ify: May 30, 2016

    Thank you so much, Buki! We have so much to share that we’ve learned and will continue to do so! Cheers!!

  • Buki: May 24, 2016

    I love this article it’s so realistic especially since the cost kept going up when I attempted to put a photoshoot together. Sometimes, keeping it simple is just that ….simple. Thanks for the boldness to confirm not all has to be dripping in bling to show quality. Love it!.

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